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It takes a village to create a restaurant


Months before the doors open on a new restaurant, dozens of different businesses work together to make sure all the pieces come together at the same time. It's chaotic at times, and occasionally beautifully choreographed. We began with the lease on a vacant, as yet unremodeled space in the old Canning Warehouse in the Cannery District. We leapt at the chance to be part of this up and coming area. Next we had to come up with a name - arguably the hardest part of creating any business. We tossed around dozens of names until landing up Lot G - the name of the lot where the canning warehouse is situated. It felt different, memorable, and we were so excited about this area that we wanted to reference it in our name.

Then we had to come up with a logo. For that we went to the creative folks at Brickhouse. We've worked with them to create logos, websites and all kinds of other things for each of our other businesses and we love what they create. They came up with the industrial, linear look of the logo, which will reflect some of the lines of the interior, and created our website and marketing materials.

For signage, we turned to Ink Outside the Box, who has also done work with us at all of our businesses.

For the buildout of the space we brought back our friends at Langlas to do most of the construction, and also brought in a new company (to us) MFGR Designs. They did the design of the dining area and created the unique fixtures and decor, including these unique tables and chairs. 

MFGR worked with the wonderful Labellum, local floral designer, to create a living wall and these beautiful moss-filled lights. 

J&V Restaurant Supply provided us with our gorgeous dishes and flatware as well as some kitchen equipment.

There are countless other businesses that worked with us, far too many to list here. We can't wait to show you more of the restaurant when it gets closer to completion!