Lot G desires to enrich the lives of its guests, employees and community. We strive to be an integral part of our community by supporting local and regional farmers, producers and other local businesses. By supporting Lot G you are supporting our unique Bozeman community.

Feed Cafe

Breads | Bozeman, MT

Our sister business Feed Cafe bakes our bread, using Montana grown flours and a whole lotta love and care. Check them out in the old red barn on West Main Street.

Bausch Potatoes

Produce | Whitehall, MT

Bausch Potatoes is owned and operated by 3rd generation farmer Mark Bausch and his wife Denise. Their 45 acre farm just South of Whitehall, Montana has been in operation since 1947 and now grows and processes potatoes for use in restaurants, schools and hospitals around Central and Western Montana.

Rockford Coffee Roasters

Coffee | Bozeman, MT

Rockford is a locally owned coffee shop and roaster here in Bozeman. Owners Ryan and Kristin Wilson are passionate about crafting good coffee and their beans are thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, carefully roasted and consistently delicious.

Montana Roots

Produce | Livingston, MT

Montana Roots is a small farm that uses sustainable and organic agriculture practices to grow healthy, vibrant food year-round. They use primarily aquaponics to grow their produce – a symbiotic method of raising fish and plants together in a recirculating ecosystem. They also run a non-profit arm called Root Down that works designs, constructs and helps maintain year-round food production systems, specializing in living aquaponic classroom systems for schools.

Dean’s Zesty Booch

Beverages | Bozeman, MT

Dean’s Zesty Booch is a craft kombucha brewery, cannery and tasting room in the Cannery District on Bozeman’s North Side. They serve up a variety of sparkling Kombucha flavors, infused with organic fruits, herbs and spices.

Timeless Natural Food

Local Distributor | Ulm, MT

Timeless Natural Food is a collective of dozens of organic Montana farmers who grow gourmet legumes and heirloom grains using biologically diverse farm systems.

Montana Flour & Grains

Local Distributor | Fort Benton, MT

Montana Flour & Grain sells high quality flour and grains grown by more than 150 family-owned and operated farms in Montana, neighboring states and Canada. They are committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for future generations and maintaining a robust local food chain.

Cloud Nine Farm

Produce | Wilsall, MT

Cloud Nine Farm is a producer of certified organic leafy greens and salad blends, purveyor of perennial pasture seed mixes and elderberry tonics, and home to a variety of holistically managed livestock.

Native Fish Keepers

Meat | Polson, MT

A non-profit created by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, Native Fish Keepers works hard to protect native trout in Flathead Lake. Their fisheries integrate traditional knowledge and current science. One of the largest threats to native bull trout and West Slope cutthroat trout is predation by non-native lake trout. Native Fish Keepers harvests and sells these non-native (but extremely delicious) lake trout to keep populations down so native fish can thrive. In the process they also create employment, support recreational angling, and supply fish to food banks.

Lord & Co. Photography

Photographers | Bozeman, MT

Lord & Co. is helmed by Samantha Lord, a brand and food photographer, designer, and stylist with over 10 years of experience. They create elevated photography campaigns and engaging lifestyle content for refined brands. Much of the photography on this website and on our social media was created by Lord & Co.

Steep Mountain Tea

Beverages | Bozeman, MT

Steep Mountain Tea is a local tea purveyor that partners with the world’s most meticulous and well traveled tea buyers who have formed on-the-ground relationships with the families who farm and produce our teas. They believe in creating the smallest impact possible on our natural environment.


Local Business | Bozeman, MT

Labellum is a contemporary flower boutique in Bozeman, MT by the way of New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Their style is hip, modern and organic. We love mixing natural elements and incorporating rich textures into their work. With artistry and imagination, each arrangement tells a story and is as unique as the client. They are inspired by the ever changing seasons with all of their natural textures.


Non-Profit | Bozeman, MT

HRDC is a local nonprofit serving Southwest Montana since 1975. Their mission is to instill hope, develop resources, design solutions and change lives. HRDC’s family of services work to address hunger, homelessness, education, financial development, and much more. They give their customers the tools they need on their path to growth and stability.


Non-Profit | Bozeman, MT

Bridgercare is a local nonprofit reproductive healthcare clinic that serves all folks in south central Montana. Since 1972, Bridgercare’s mission is to provide excellent, affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare and education in a safe, supportive, empowering atmosphere. Bridgercare utilizes a sliding fee scale in which patient fees are based on their income. No one is ever turned away from services due to inability to pay, and last year, 60% of visits to Bridgercare received a discount via the sliding fee scale. Patients of all economic status and genders are welcome at Bridgercare!

Eco Montana

Local Distributor | Bozeman, MT

Locally owned Eco Montana distributes compostable/biodegradable disposable restaurant ware. Plates, cups, utensils, to-go containers, and more, made from plants… not petroleum!

Happy Trash Can Composting

Local Business | Bozeman, MT

Locally owned and operated commercial & residential compost collectors and processors. Their mission is to keep food waste out of the land fill and in turn make quality local compost to give back to local farmers, gardeners, and back to their subscribers.

Massive Studios

Local Business | Bozeman, MT

Massive is an advertising and design firm that helps clients to lead and innovate. They’ve built great brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers wherever they live in the modern marketplace.

Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Marketing | Bozeman, MT

A private non-profit community ski area located 16 miles north of Bozeman, Montana offering a big mountain experience with a friendly local’s vibe.

Cannery District

Local Business | Bozeman, MT

The Bozeman Cannery District is an historical adaptive reuse project near downtown.


Farm | Bozeman, MT

Amaltheia Organic Dairy is a sustainable organic farm producing goat cheese, pork and produce.

Gluten Free Prairie

Producer | Manhattan, MT

Gluten-Free Prairie is a family business founded in 2012 by Deb and Rick Wheaton, along with their son Jeremy and his wife Jenn. Gluten-Free Prairie (or GFP as it’s called by the family) strives to create gluten-free food that is not only safe for celiacs and gluten-intolerant people, but also people with no wheat allergies at all.

Montana Milling

Local Distributor | Great Falls & Conrad, MT

Located Montana’s Golden Triangle region of grain production, Montana Milling sources, processes and mills only the highest quality, freshest local grains in state of the art facilities.