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It began with a place, as it always has for Serena Rundberg, proprietress of the Nova Café and Feed Café. With its bright and bustling diner-inspired vibe and hearty, crowd pleasing menu, Nova Café is nestled in the heart of downtown Bozeman where it acts as a community hub and gathering place, much as Main Street diners did in years gone by. Feed Café in the historic red barn on West Main pays homage to its agricultural roots with a loving restoration of the barn’s century old timbers and flooring, and a menu full of farm to table, made from scratch meals and breads baked in house using Montana grown flour. With these restaurants firmly established and thriving, Serena was ready for a new project.

When she heard that space was available in the up and coming Cannery District on Bozeman’s North side, she jumped at the chance to create a new café in a very different place. When she first saw it, the old Pea Canning Warehouse under the iconic water tower was an empty, collapsing shell. Inspired by the idea of bringing the place back to its culinary roots and encouraged by the creative projects the Cannery District owners had created in the past, Serena signed up for a space in the old brick building. Lot G, the name of the site listed on the lease, eventually became the name of the restaurant. 

Time has passed and the once derelict shell has been transformed into a unique modern building full of retail and office spaces, which still showcases its original rough hewn pillars and weather beaten bricks. While the Canning Warehouse is no longer bustling with workers canning locally grown peas, it is now humming with workers of a different, more modern sort and Lot G Café aims to feed those folk, and the community of Bozeman, well. Working with local farmers and ranchers to provide fresh produce, meats and eggs not only honors the local agriculture that has been a mainstay of our valley for over a hundred years, but also creates more delicious dishes.

Inclusivity and accessibility is important at Lot G, where the aim is to serve breakfast and lunch to people with a variety of preferences and dietary restrictions. With a naturally gluten free menu and customizable options that range from grassfed beef to tofu, diners can create and enjoy a personalized meal in the bright, greenery filled café, on the patio outside or back at their office or home. Hearty comfort food like chicken fried steak and pancake lasagna share the menu with lighter options such as a vegetable and whole grain bowls and cold pressed juices. Lot G Café lives by its motto, Good Food For All and is happily at home in the place that inspired its creation.